Orlando and Lake Mary SPAM Filtering and JUNK email elimination

SPAM & unwanted emails costs your company money!

You know it and so do we. When you and or your employees have to sift through unwanted junk Email it can be time consuming and frustrating. Nobody likes SPAM and it’s a productivity killer.

Let’s face it; we ALL have to deal with SPAM. Unfortunately, there are people out there who spend their time creating unwanted solicitations, poor marketing propositions, and people who take what we call the path-of-least-resistance by trying to sell and market goods/services on the Internet by SPAMMING us!\

SPAM costs your business time, energy and money. If you really looked close, you would find that your employees and associates spend an enormous amount of time managing SPAM. We averaged it costs up to $1000 (or more) monthly for an organization of ten people or more to manage SPAM and JUNK Mail.

Would you like to know how SPAM costs you money?

Read this…
Here is an example to give you an idea of how SPAM really affects your organization. Let’s pretend you pay your office employees $15 dollars per hour. Now let’s pretend each employee spends 15 minutes per day digging through unwanted emails which adds up to $3.75 per day for every employee. Let’s assume your office is open 5 days a week which is 20 days per month. This is costing YOU $75 per month per employee! Now let’s assume you have 15 employees in your office working, now SPAM is costing YOU $375 per month in lost productivity not to mention the potential threat of getting infecting with a computer virus!

You get the idea…
SPAM costs YOU money!

This is where CFCE comes in…

CFCE offers several different SPAM filtering options to prevent unwanted emails from entering your network. There are many different ways to STOP and prevent SPAM from entering your mailboxes.
There is no one-size-fits-all email filtering solution and we can determine what specific ANTI-SPAM filter will work best for YOU!

There are many technical aspects that go into determining which solution will work best for you and your organization. If you are fed up with SPAM and unwanted Junk E-mail. Contact Us and we will put an end to this problem for you once and for all, and SAVE YOU MONEY!