Orlando and Central Florida Computer Forensics

CFCE provides Computer Forensics to Florida attorneys and their clients. And to businesses who may believe that their employees and/or associates are stealing valuable data from them.

If you have been arrested or accused of a computer crime you not only need an experienced lawyer to defend you, you need to prove your innocence. 

We have the knowledge, experience and passion for helping Orlando and Central Florida lawyers produce the digital evidence they need to effectively defend you in court.

Some common scenarios where computer forensics can be extremely useful are:

  • Criminal Fraud
  • Internet Stalking
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Employee Internet Abuse
  • Deception cases including civil lawsuits and family law – Divorce cases.
  • Unauthorized disclosure of corporate information and data (accidental and intentional)

We have helped Central Florida Business and Divorce Attorneys produce the digital evidence they need to prove a spouse or a business partner has been concealing data or other digital evidence that would have never been discovered without the aid of computer forensics.

If you think your spouse has been unfaithful to you, or if a business partner has been hiding data from you, we can provide you with piece of mind and uncover the truth.

We have testified in both County and Federal Courts and provide the forensic services you need when your life, your family or your business is on the line.

Our computer forensic reports are compre-hensive and easy to understand!

If you are in need of computer forensic services or wish to meet with a computer forensic consultant, Contact Us for a consultation.